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Subaru Forester:  How to choose the right tires

Despite the huge variety of tire models offered on the market today, even a novice car enthusiast can easily navigate and choose the model that best suits his needs. View here for more info: best tires for subaru forester

To do this, you need to have an idea of ​​what is the difference between some tire models from others. Within the series of articles published on our website, the reader will find all the information necessary to make the right choice of tires for your car.

What is required from a tire?

All the needs and preferences of the car owner, who is faced with the need to install new tires (to replace summer tires with winter ones), can be summarized as follows: "New tires should provide excellent driving performance in those operating conditions of the car, which are familiar to the car owner."

The operating conditions, first of all, include the following parameters:

The driving cycle in which the vehicle is used most frequently (urban driving, highway driving, mixed driving);

  • Weather characteristics (winter and summer seasons);

  • Driving style (aggressive or measured driving).

These are basic conditions, a kind of "starting point" for a motorist who finds himself in front of the shelves of a retail outlet, where numerous tire models are presented in slender rows.

There are also a number of other criteria for choosing a suitable rubber. Thanks to the abundance of models from modern manufacturers, the car enthusiast can choose tires that not only meet the needs of a particular car brand, but also correspond to the individual preferences of its owner.

Additional criteria

Comfort - the property of a tire to mitigate the impact of road irregularities on the car body, as a result of which the driver and passengers are provided with an increased level of comfort when moving in a vehicle. There are no definite units of measurement for this parameter, the consumer can draw conclusions mainly by comparative analysis of several tire models.

Acoustic comfort - This parameter is not related to driving safety. Different tire models can generate different levels of noise while driving, and excessive noise can lead to increased driver fatigue, which reduces driver attention. This indicator is influenced by the quality of the materials from which the tire is made, the tread pattern.

Wear resistance - this parameter directly affects the durability of the tire. This parameter is determined by the coefficient of wear resistance, which is applied to the side of the tire. Wear resistance depends on the composition and quality of the materials, as well as on the technologies used in the production of tires.

Price is one of the important criteria for choosing tires for the average car enthusiast. Using this criterion for the selection of tires, it is extremely important to ensure a balance of sufficient quality characteristics, rubber properties and the lowest possible cost. The pursuit of excessive cheapness can result in the purchase of insufficient quality rubber, which will quickly wear out or will not meet the objectives of the acquisition.

Tire design and marking

The designers of the companies producing tires for cars use various materials and technologies to improve certain characteristics of tires. The design of all tires, which is the core of the technology, remains unchanged, and changes and modifications made by manufacturers are intended to improve individual performance.

This allows you to achieve the optimal balance of qualities required for the operation of the car in certain conditions. Knowledge of the tire design and the purpose of each element allows the consumer to clearly navigate the qualities and features of the tire models declared by the manufacturer.

The design of a tire, the purpose of individual elements are discussed in detail in the article "Design of a car tire". Accordingly, due to the design features, various tire models acquire certain properties (improved grip, off-road passability, wear resistance, speed limit, vehicle weight). And these properties are reflected in the marking, which is applied to the tire in order to familiarize the potential buyer with the properties of the tire of a certain model.